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Dear Academia: I’m Done.

Through one-on-one coaching, I’ve seen professors who are burnt out and struggling to take the next steps in their careers. You ask yourself why you should pivot because you’ve invested so much in working towards tenure. You’re worried that leaving academia means that you’ve wasted your time and made the wrong choice. The good news is that your choice wasn’t wrong. In the course, you’ll learn how to integrate the values, skills, and interests that motivate you now and help you develop strategies to start your new professional chapter.

Or, you’re ready to leave, but you’re not sure how to do that. You spend time reading books or advice articles and wonder: how do your skills from academia translate into the “real” world? You don’t know where to go and are stymied on how to get there. In this course, I will help you create a roadmap to what’s next so that you’re ready to go.

This course was developed specifically for you as a professor to address the unique challenges that you face as you leave academia and at a price point for you. You’ll get all of the content that’s been tested through my structured individual coaching programs plus bonus content for tenured or tenure-track professors. You’ll have the tools you need to be successful in finding and landing a job you love.

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Pivot Your PhD

When I started the program, I wanted to figure out whether leaving academia was what I wanted or even viable. Ten weeks later, I have a resume, LinkedIn profile, a growing network of non-academic connections and resources, and four initial interviews lined up. I'm genuinely excited about my job search and know I have the tools to adjust along the way.

Christie M., Tenured Professor


A Course Specifically for Tenured and Tenure-Track Professors

I'll lead you through identifying the values and interests that are truly yours, not the ones you adopted to be successful in the academy. Over the ten weeks, you’ll gain career clarity, build your network, and rebrand your resumes and cover letters. You’ll learn how to write a powerful LinkedIn profile and strategies to use it effectively to stand out to potential employers.

We'll begin with reframing your mindset. You’ll understand the impact being a professor has had on your beliefs about your career and job search. We’ll focus on understanding how to apply the skills and experience you have to the non academic job force, all while learning how to set boundaries to give yourself time to work on your career change. We’ll discuss how and when to leave committees and other service work as well as how to wind down research commitments.

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Ten Weeks 

By May, you'll know how to explain your academic skills to prospective employers.

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Go From Uncertain and Overwhelmed to Confident.

The program is designed to help you gain career clarity, direction, and to begin building your network in new industries in ten weeks. Each week will cover a different topic in the workbook and the live group call. The program’s content is designed sequentially: you’ll apply knowledge and insights gained in one week to the exercise and content in the next.

The backbone of the program is the workbook. You’ll have 68 pages of self-reflective prompts and exercises organized by weekly topic. You’ll complete worksheets in preparation for each week’s coaching call.


Live Weekly Zoom Calls & Group Community 

The course runs from the week of June 13, 2022 to the week of August 15th, 2022

Tell Me About the Group Calls & Community

Each week we’ll use our sixty-minute group call to discuss each week's topic as well as reflect on what you learned by completing that week's worksheets. If the group is large, we will have breakout rooms to allow for more individual discussion. After each call, you'll leave with concrete next steps to follow.

You have the option to attend one of the two weekly call times where we’ll meet live to discuss that week’s content, ask questions, and get support. Choose the one that works best for your schedule.  Call times are:

Mondays @ 5:00 pm PST

Tuesdays @ 6:30 am PST

The community is for group members to receive additional support and accountability.  You'll have weekly prompts to reflect on your progress, ask questions, and ask for help. If you can't make the group calls consistently, the community is a place where you can engage with your cohort.


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Live Group Calls

These calls give you discussion time with your colleagues who are also entering the workforce. Lean into the support and accountability of your fellow job seekers.

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My schedule is packed. Can I do the program at my own pace?

This program is not self-paced.  We'll work through each week's content together through the group calls and community participation.  You'll get the most value if you consistently attend the group call each week. Life happens, and schedules don;t always align however, and it's understandable that you may not be able to attend group calls.

You'll want to consider your schedule during the ten weeks of the program and decide if you have capacity to attend calls and/or participate in the community.

Invest In Your Future

Think of the time and money you've spent on your career so far. This program is your investment in your new future.

This Is Different From What You’ve Done Before.

You’ve tried self-paced courses; you’ve done work on your own. This is different. In this structured career program, you’ll have access to an experienced coach, content that’s been tested and proven to help former professors land jobs, along with a supportive community of fellow professors looking to leave. Structure and accountability are built into this course to help you move forward and not just master content. And all at a price you can afford.

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I am usually rather skeptical of "coaching" courses (by temperament and by training.) I can't thank you enough Kristi. I don't think I could embark on a real, concrete plan for reorienting my career and pivoting out of academic without this.

Sophie S., Tenured Professor

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Are You Ready to Pivot?

Briefly review all the necessary skills you’ll develop. In this program you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand your values and interests and how they apply to jobs you’re interested in
  • Tell your future-focused story and how to network effectively outside of academia
  • Create a LinkedIn Profile and resume that attract the views and interview requests you want
  • Tap into the support and insights of your built-in community of fellow professors and career changers

And much more!  

The program cost is $450 and yes, monthly payments are available. I'm ready and excited to work with you to begin your new chapter.

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