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You walk into your office, coffee in hand, with your mind buzzing with ideas as you start your day.


You present the project's results at a client meeting. Your boss and colleagues compliment you on how well you handled the client’s tough questions and the quality of your presentation.


It’s Friday afternoon, and you’re answering a few emails before you leave for a weekend getaway. You smile, knowing you don’t have to think about work all weekend.

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Wondering How to Start?

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Maybe you don’t know where you want to go. That’s ok. If you’re ready to start thinking about a different career or job, but you aren’t sure what that is, or where to start, you want someone to guide the way. Assisting job-seekers and those seeking greater clarity around their career direction is the sole focus of my work. We’ll work together on identifying the places in your current work where you feel stuck, identify what you want to change, and create small, manageable goals that will move you forward to more satisfying jobs and careers.

Let's Start

Imagining something new presents challenges and fears, but also excitement, and opportunities.

What I Offer

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Hello, I'm Kristi Lodge. I have years of experience in helping others better understand their skills and accomplishments and how they can apply them to careers they love. My structured process guides you from “I don’t know” to landing the interview and career you want. In our work together, I coach you on the full-cycle process of self-assessment, career and industry exploration, and job search preparation and execution. This is not a tips and tricks process. Here, you’ll find support, encouragement, feedback, and resources to assist you in finding a job and career that fits you: your values, skills, interests, and strengths.

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incipit: [Latin ing-ki-pit ] noun.  1. (here) begins.  2. the introductory words or opening phrases in the text of a medieval manuscript or an early printed book.