When one door of happiness closes, another opens. But often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us
— Helen Keller, "To Love This Life."

Who I am

I'm Kristi Lodge. My experience spans careers in higher education, recruiting, and entrepreneurship.  I originally planned for a life as tenured professor.  I've since successfully transitioned into three careers beyond the academy.

I earned a PhD in English, with a specialization in Medieval Literature. I have ten years' experience providing career counseling to graduate students as well as to alumni at the University of Oregon.  I've helped a wide variety of people prepare for career transitions and job searches including veterans, PhDs and post-docs, non-traditional, international students, and those identifying as LGBTQ.  

I've also held positions in recruiting and talent acquisition for the non-profit and financial services sectors.  This experience on the hiring side of the table helps me assist my clients to write powerful resumes and cover letters as well as prepare for interviews.  

I co-host the bi-weekly #withaphd Twitter chat and my writing on career transition is featured at The Muse and Fast Company.  

I've been proud to call the Pacific Northwest home for the last fifteen years; although I was born and raised on the east coast.  I am proud that I've lived in multiple parts of the U.S., and I bring this knowledge and curiosity to my work with my clients.  

Learn more about my professional experience here

On the Job:  Providing Drop-In Resume Consultation at the University of Oregon Student Rec Center.  I also wrote the copy for this poster.

On the Job:  Providing Drop-In Resume Consultation at the University of Oregon Student Rec Center.  I also wrote the copy for this poster.

My Mission

My work is to assist highly-educated, highly-skilled professionals in finding their next jobs and careers.  I work with individuals on the full-cycle process of self-assessment, career and industry exploration, and job search preparation and execution.  I provide support, encouragement, feedback, and resources to assist you in finding a job and career that fits with your values, skills, interests, and strengths.  The name of my business, IncipitCareer, is influenced by the process of reflection, application, and assessment that job seekers go through today.  Incipit means "it begins" in Latin. Every search is an opportunity to learn new things, try new things, to begin again.  Every search presents challenges and fears, as well as hope, excitement, and opportunities.  



How I Work

My approach to working with clients is influenced by Brofenbrenner's ecological model.  In our work together, we will consider a variety of factors that influence your career development and job search from your personal and career goals to economic and other systemic factors.  However, I'm not a life coach. Assisting job-seekers and those seeking greater clarity around their career development is the sole focus of my work.  If you are seeking a life coach to help with decision-making, changing habits, or goal-setting, check my Resources page for more information.  I also provide resources for those seeking help with writing and editing.