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Do A Better Job Search (beta)

Are you tired of your job search looking like this?

Photo by  John Jackson  on  Unsplash

Spending lots of energy, but you’re not getting anywhere?

Applying to lots of jobs but not hearing back or getting automated “Thanks but no thanks” messages?

Networking isn’t getting you the results you expected?

Your resume and cover letter don’t inspire you?

You can do better.

You can feel better about your job search—excited even! And get results that get you off the hamster wheel of apply.wait.hope.

Here’s How

In this 6-week virtual course, you’ll learn a different way of doing the job search, one where you look for connections and opportunities not just jobs.

In this course you’ll learn how to strategically network and how to ask for help. I’ll show you how to write resumes that demonstrate your strengths and accomplishments.

You’ll also be part of a dedicated community of other frustrated job seekers who want to learn a better, more effective way to job search. Get advice, tips, support, and know that you’re not alone.

You’ll also have access to me and my expertise through weekly virtual teaching sessions and live Q & A. In addition, you’ll have slides, worksheets and materials you can return to after the course ends.

Course Breakdown

Week 1: Stop the cycle of apply.wait.hope. How to find organizations that inspire you not just jobs to apply to.

Week 2: Networking: who to target, when, and how. Finding and developing connections and creating an outreach plan

Week 3: Resumes: You’ll write a resume that shifts from Tasks & Responsibilities to Strengths, Accomplishments, & Results

Week 4: Cover Letters: Going from Generic to Memorable

Week 5: Interviewing: We’ll focus on learning to answer questions with detail and confidence. You’ll identify interview stories you can use to answer multiple questions.

Week 6: Moving Forward: Keeping up your momentum and focus.


Clients who work with me experience progress in their job search and get results. They have written resumes that speak to their accomplishments and results, have received offers for interviews after informational interviews, and get job offers after practicing their interviewing skills. My clients report feeling more confident in their abilities to find meaningful work that excites them and that translates into the confidence to make connections, capitalize on referrals, and interview successfully.

Why Work with Me?

I have 10+ years’ experience teaching career courses that help people learn how to job search and get results that move them forward.

I’ve also worked as a recruiter in the non-profit and financial services sectors and bring the knowledge I gained screening, interviewing, and helping to hire candidates to my work with my clients. I’m highly experienced and knowledgeable and my passion is to help people find and land jobs that inspire and excite them.

And I get the frustration of looking for jobs and not finding what you want. I’ve done job searches in three different industries and learned valuable lessons I’ll share with you.


Cost for 6 weeks of virtual class, including 1 hour of live instruction, 1 hour of live Q & A, access to recordings of the live sessions, the class community and materials is $500.00. Get your spot here.