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Where will you go next?



Feeling stuck?  

Tired of feeling like you’d find a new job in a heartbeat if you only knew what you really wanted to do? If you’re ready to start thinking about a different career or job, but you aren't sure what that is, or where to start, I can help. We’ll work together on identifying the places in your current work where you feel stuck, identify what you want to change, and create small, manageable goals that will move you forward to more satisfying jobs or careers.

Ready for a change?

It’s time to stop going through the motions, feeling resentful, and exhausted by your job. I’ll work with you to recognize the values, skills, and interests that motivate you now and help you develop strategies to find the jobs and careers that fit them.

You’re well-qualified for the Job, but you didn’t get an interview. Why?

Resumes today need to be hyper-tailored and demonstrate your relevant skills, achievements, and experience in a skim-friendly format. If your resume says “Responsibilities include” or has paragraphs, it needs an overhaul to catch recruiters’ attention. I’ll work with you to identify your most relevant and significant experiences and accomplishments and help you create a resume that shows why you’re a great fit.

Wondering how a coach can help or understand you?

Do you want to work with someone who understands both academia and the transition to work outside of academia? I earned a PhD in Medieval Literature and have worked in higher ed for most of my career in various roles in career centers and career services offices. I understand the fears and challenges PhDs face as they search for jobs outside the academy. I’m highly experienced in helping others better understand their skills and accomplishments and how they can apply them to careers they love.




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